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NZ Workplace Wellness Report 2019

Posted on 21/05/2020

NZ Workplace Wellness Report 2019 name

The bi-annual Workplace Wellness Report for 2019 is now in. Full of interesting information on the state of employee health & wellness in NZ businesses.

Who are Clean IT & what do we do?

Posted on 23/03/2020

Who are Clean IT & what do we do? name

Usually the only thing that touches our electronic equipment and keyboards is our hands.They are dirty, oily and collect grime easily. But did you know that the oil your skin exudes is antibacterial. It prevents infection and manufactures Vitamin D used by the body to convert...

Hygiene in the Workplace

Posted on 16/03/2020

Hygiene in the Workplace name

TV One News clip on hygiene in the workplace, especially pertinent now with the current Coronavirus situation. Share

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